Interesting Facts You Probably Didnt Know About Tasmania

With the atmosphere that Tasmania contains, it is commonly known as the best temperate island found in the earth. What makes this place even more of a touristy one is the unspoiledenvironmentfound here. The beautiful and mesmerizing natural beauty of this place contains everything that you are looking for, whether its the icons, cultural attractions, natural wonders and history.Yet, there is a lot more that you probably didnt know or your guided tours of Tasmania didnt tell you about.Letsfind out some of the interesting facts you probably werent aware of.

  1. Huge Area

Did you knowTasmaniais almost as big as Switzerland? Most of the place is filled with natural scenery and wildlife. If you are looking for aplacewhere you could relax and spend most of the time,Tasmaniais the place to go to. If you are in a rush and looking for a quick spot to travel at, we recommend you not to visit here as there is so much to see that cannot be covered in a small period oftime.

  1. Snow

It may sound strange to you but yes, it can snow in Australia. We all consider Tasmania as a place where it doesnt knows, however, the fact is thatTasmaniais suchplacewhere the weather is prettyunpredictable. During the months ofJuneandJuly, the place is covered with snow and you can actually enjoy the weather while hiking if you have the right shoes.

  1. Purest Air

The naturalbeauty and cleanest environment ofTasmaniais something that attracts people from all over the world over here. This is the best place to be at if you are looking for a spot where you can conduct and enjoy all sorts of outdoor activities. Whether it is surfboarding, kayaking, hiking, biking or just going to beaches,Tasmania offers everything that you are looking for. The purest air and safest environment is what brings people here to enjoy such open airactivities.

  1. Port Arthur

A famous attraction ofTasmania, the Port Arthur which is a collection of old buildings, sea views, lawns and basically, a perfect place for picnic has a history which most of you arent aware of. The story behind this oh so pretty architecture is that it is a convict settlement where a lot of prisoners were kept and all sorts of punishments were given to them.Itsactually difficult to imagine of having such a place besides the coastline where one can wander around every other day.

Hope the above stated facts aboutTasmaniamay have surprised you and is tempting you to visit here right away.